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Sage Creek High School is a public school in Carlsbad, California.

The newer of two high schools in the city of Carlsbad, Sage Creek opened in 2013 and had it's first graduating class of 261[1] in 2017.

It's building and new Performing Arts Center were both financed via Prop P Funding of $198 million and $38 million of state funding.

The school has been in operation for 5 years and its current Principle is Cesar Morales.

Its current ASB Executive Council members preside as so:

Sage Creek High School currently has 72 active clubs on campus, presided over by the ASB Commission on Clubs. It's main rival is Carlsbad High School.

Sage Creek's mascot is the Bobcat, and it's school colors are Green, Gold, and White/Black.

Sage Creek green is hex color: #003300, Sage Creek gold: #B9A028, and white and black are #FFFFFF and #000000 respectively.

In RGB: Green: rgb(0,51,0), Gold: rgb(185,160,40), White: rgb(255,255,255), Black: rgb(0,0,0)


The campus is roughly 33 acres, has 3 academic buildings and 1 elective building as well as a gym facility.

The three academic buildings are linked below:

1000 building

2000 building

3000 building

The gym facilities are in a separate building:

4000 building

The elective building has a similar numbering scheme:

5000 building

The Performing Arts Center opened in 2018:

6000 building


Class of 2017, Class of 2018, Class of 2019, Class of 2020, Class of 2021, Class of 2022.

Other Names

"The Creek"

"Party Creek"

"Rave Creek"

"Sage Geek"


Years of Operation

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.