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The ASB President resides over the ASB Council, and the first ASB President was Caleb Strachan.

The Associated Student Body (ASB) President is formally elected during every school year in the Spring Trimester. 
Their role is to oversee all aspects of the Associated Student Body at Sage Creek High School. 
This job requires someone who is able to multi-task, organize events and motive people. 
This person must be positive, creative, a dedicated worker and a leader to all. 
This person must be willing to devote many hours to ASB and Sage Creek High School. 
The ASB president takes on the responsibility of all the activities at SCHS and constantly seeks to better the programs and activities that are currently in place.[1]


  • Oversee all aspects of the ASB at SCHS.
  • Plan and run all ASB meetings.
  • Create plans to achieve goals for all offices.
  • Insure that ASB operates within the allocated budget for the year.
  • Manage spending of the ASB account via communication and time spent in the student store.
  • Be present at ALL ASB activities.
  • Create rewards program for ASB and implement new programs to create a “community” within ASB at SCHS
  • Oversees all commissions and heads and directs the Executive Board


Past ASB Presidents

*This is no mistake, Will Maas was the only person in Sage Creek History to be ASB President more than one year.

See Also: ASB Vice President, ASB Treasurer, ASB Secretary