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The ASB Secretary is apart of the ASB Executive Council.

The ASB Secretary must be a meticulous person. This person must be motivated and work to ensure all proper documents are in order for ASB. This person must be able to meet deadlines and remember to turn in minutes regularly.[1]


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Assist with planning for ASB meetings
Hold Executive meetings to prepare for business meetings
Take minutes to record the happenings at ASB meetings
Type minutes and give copies of minutes to Advisor after meeting
Creates a binder to how documentation of events in ASB and how they were organized and run
Assists with any necessary correspondence that ASB must send out
Be present at ALL ASB activities
In charge and help out with half of the commissions.
Specific duties of the ASB Secretary include taking minutes at every ASB Meeting and Student Council Meeting. 
Minutes are crucial because they are needed in order for bills to be passed
The ASB Secretary is in charge of taking down notes at every meeting and formally typing them into minutes that stay updated in the Minutes binder in the leadership room
ASB Secretary works with the Executive Cabinet on ways to improve SCHS and the leadership program.


2019-2020 - Cavaughn Higgs

2018-2019 - Nick Sonck

2017-2018 - Christina DellaPenna

2016-2017 - Brooklynn Deal

2015-2016 - Unknown

2014-2015 - Donna Reina

2013-2014 - Hilda Vasquez