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The Class of 2017 was Sage Creek's first graduating class.

Their Freshman year was 2013-2014, and their Senior year was 2016-2017.

The Class of 2017 had:

  • Official CDE data is unavailable for the first year of operation (2013-2014).
  • 327 students enrolled in their Sophomore Year (2014-2015)[1]
  • And finished with a grand total of 272 students enrolled in their final year (2016-2017)[3]

Of those 272 students enrolled their senior year, 267 finished, and 261 successfully graduated[4], leading to a graduation rate of 97.8%[5].

This percentage is approximately 4% higher[6] than the Carlsbad Unified average, and 3% higher than that of Carlsbad High School[7] for the 2015-2016 school year..

As the first class of students, the Class of 2017 attempted to start a number of traditions, several of which (ex: Hoopcoming) live on today and several of which failed.


Class Council

Senior Class Council

Junior Class Council


The Class of 2017 was the first class to attend Sage Creek, so they had to experiment a lot to figure out how to be high schoolers. They started Hoopcoming, the Staff vs Students games, and were some of the first developers of Sage Creek's culture.

They left behind a general culture of self-deprecation, yet also pride in Sage Creek.

They were the first students to popularize complaining about the school, but also the first class to become immensely prideful in their school especially around Hoopcoming 2017 and SCHS vs CHS Basketball Game 2017.

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