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The ASB Treasurer needs to be a student that is highly organized. 

The treasurer needs to understand the ASB budget and make sure that ASB is working towards it. 

The ASB Treasurer must be someone who can motivate others. It is important that the ASB Treasurer be able to spend time in the Student Store each week and over see how and who is running it. These hours may occur during school, brunch, lunch or after school.[1]


  • With the help of the ASB Advisor and Accountant, develop a working budget for the school year.
  • Monitor spending of organizations and activities.
  • Present requisition reports to the ASB to be voted on.
  • Sign financial requests in the Student Store
  • In charge of half of the commissioners
  • Oversee the Student Store and manage it


Past ASB Treasurers

*note: similar to Will Maas, in the first few years it was possible to be elected for asb offices for more than one year.

See Also: ASB President, ASB Vice President, ASB Secretary