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Sage Creek's ASB is a student government organization.

ASB controls the economic and social aspects of the Sage Creek student body, overseeing dances, student funds, and social activities.

ASB is also in charge of putting on pep-rallies before large games or dances, and managing clubs.

They are on Instagram and Twitter under the @sagecreekasb handle.

Current Executive Council

ASB's current ASB Executive Council is as follows:


Usual Dances

ASB puts on 3-4 dances throughout the school year. These are usually:

4th Dance

Occasionally a 4th dance will be put on, as was the case in the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years.

This dance is usually a Back to School Dance, or a Spring Fling dance.


ASB members are split up into commissions which focus on certain tasks.


In 2018, ASB voted to merge Bobsquad (at the time a separate entity/club) into ASB in order to allow for easier managing and funding. It would later become a commission the following year.


Past Advisors

Past Executive Councils


Past Class Sizes

2018-2019 - 32 Students

2017-2018 - 18 Students

2016-2017 - 25 Students

2015-2016 -


ASB has two awards given out at the end of each school year.

They are as follows:

Top Cat


  • To be announced



Spirit Award

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