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@sagecreekasb is the official handle for the ASB Twitter[1] and Instagram[2].

The twitter account is not often utilized.

The profile for the Instagram is currently the ASB Logo.

SageCreekASB current profile.png


The original profile image.

The Instagram and Twitter accounts were created in the fall of the 2015-2016 school year.

Though the Twitter account hasn't been used very often, the Instagram account was the primary method of social media used by ASB.

The Instagram account primarily was used to communicate upcoming events to the student body and community, as well as post highlights and teasers for them.

The profile image for both accounts was originally a poorly cropped version of the Bobcat Logo, which remains on the Twitter account today, but was soon changed to a version of the ASB logo with a dark green background.

Due to a student error, the profile was temporarily changed to an image of the academic mall before being changed back to the original file for the ASB Logo on March 9th, 2019.

The previous profile image before the March 9th, 2019 change.


During the SCHS vs CHS Controversy of 2017, the account was hacked and used to display an image of a KKK rally with the caption "BOBCATS UNITE. Don't forget to vote! Like our video on @kusisports and send it to all your friends! Now is our time".

The image was posted at 8:18PM on Februray 21st, 2017.

The account was lost for a while as Instagram Support was not helpful in the retrieval of the account.

After this incident, the account would be disabled until being recovered in time for prom in April of 2017.

The account has been up since this incident.

The hack on the account displayed this image before the account was quickly deleted.