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Hoopcoming is an annual Sage Creek event held and funded by ASB. Serving as a substitute for a "Homecoming" event due to the lack of a Football team, a play on words was devised for the Hoopcoming Basketball Game. Each annual Hoopcoming consists of a Spirit Week, the Hoopcoming Basketball Game, Hoopcoming Pep Rally, and concludes with the Hoopcoming Dance.

Hoopcoming Events

'*' = Dependent on Year

Hoopcoming Parade*

For the first 3 years, Sage Creek ASB put on a parade, similar to that of Carlsbad High School's Lancer Day Parade.

Middle schools were invited to attend and create floats to drive through the drop-off circle.

Hoopcoming Game

The Hoopcoming Basketball Game is held at home every year and is usually [[DJ]'ed by a professional DJ. Students dress up according to the Hoopcoming Spirit Week theme.

Hoopcoming Dance

The Hoopcoming Dance is traditionally held in the gym, but for the first two years (2014 and 2015) it was held in the cafeteria. The dance follows the same theme as the Hoopcoming Spirit Week and the Hoopcoming Game.

Hoopcoming Pep-Rally

The Hoopcoming Pep-Rally is a chance for ASB to hype up students to attend the Hoopcoming Game usually later that night, and the Hoopcoming Dance usually the following day.

It usually features performances by Sage Creek Drama Department as well as the Sage Creek Dance Company. Preparation begins well in advance, with additional network testing done to make sure it can handle the large scale Kahoot game.


Past Hoopcoming events

Past Hoopcoming Themes

  • Hoopcoming 2016 - Las Vegas *note: it was not explicitly stated due to the gambling reference