Junior Assassins


Junior Assassins was the Class of 2017's attempt at Senior Assassins.


Sage Creek's first graduating class found itself unable to wait for senior year to try their hand at Senior Assassins and so, they decided to do it their Junior Year (2016-2017).

They opened it up in the fall of 2016, and allowed teams of two to form. In some cases, they even allowed sophomores from the Class of 2018 to be partners with Juniors.

The game never ended up finishing and went on into the Summer, so Keegan Canfield, the game's leader, ended up donating the money to the Senior Class's ASB account.

As recounted by Financial Technician Jocelyn South, Canfield "Walked up to [her] office with a check that said Senior Assassins" to which South responded "Oh no... I will have nothing to do with that".

Canfield would later rewrite the check with a more school safe memo.

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