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WiFi is a hot topic at Sage Creek, with several 'gates and issues throughout the years.

A number of sites have been added or removed from the WiFi Filter during this time as well.


WiFiGate 2016

WiFiGate 2017


The Carlsbad Unified School District WiFi is monitored by net security company iBoss, and the IT personnel employed by the District. At Sage Creek High School the WiFi has gone through significant changes pertaining to the use of Social Media and access to important websites.

Students currently log in through the popup window after joining the non-password-protected "CUSD-WiFi" SSID using a monthly changing password provided via email. Student access is heavily restricted via the WiFi Filter.

Staff login through the same network but using their own logins. This has been the subject of a number of controversies.[1][2] Staff are required to change their passwords every six months for security.


Originally, Sage Creek and all of Carlsbad Unified School District for that matter utilized a content filtering system provided by Lightspeed Systems. This had been that way since before Sage Creek had even been designed.

Sometime in the 2015-2016 school year, the switch to iBoss was made.