Carlsbad Fire 2014

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Image via Joey Babcock at AOMS.

On May 14th, 2014, a fire that would later be known as the "Poinsettia Fire"[1] began.

It started off calm enough, but due to the high winds and high temperatures, quickly spread out of control.

Relation to Sage Creek

At this point, the Class of 2017 was the only class attending Sage Creek.

Though the fire didn't end up burning too near to Sage Creek, instead preferring the dry brush near Aviara Oaks Middle School. Students were initially asked to "Shelter in Place" in the Bobcat Arena[2].

The fire would later cause cancellation of the Spring Fling End Of The Year Formal Dance 2014[3] which was the first and to date only cancellation of a dance in Sage Creek's history.

The fire ended up destroying 8 buildings, and had one fatality, and was the second most destructive fire in the history of San Diego County, at an estimated $22.5 million[4].