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"Amy Quail" by Joey Babcock. Medium: Adobe Fireworks.

Amy "Amanthius/Mom/Amstofer" Kuehl has taught at Sage Creek since the 2015-2016 school year.

She has been apart of founding The Sage and has been the advisor since its inception in 2016.

She is known for being the adviser to a number of clubs, and always having an open door at lunch.

Classes Taught

Mrs. Kuehl has taught English and Multimedia Journalism, both in the same classroom (2303), but stepped down as an English teacher to pursue freelance writing in 2018-2019.

Amy poses next to her trophy lion.

For English, she has taught many grade levels throughout the years.



"You can't just hack my classroom Joey..." 5/15/15
"I appreciate a good meme, but when it's Sam Kane sending me the same weird pancake meme every day, not so much..." - 2/8/18
"Journalism is like a family[...] And Joey is like the cranky Aunt." - 2/15/18
"Ok but like why are people eating tide pods all of a sudden? Like why is that a thing?" - 2/27/18
"It is so creepy that you commented on my sisters wedding Instagram post..." - 3/5/18
"We shared a womb." - 3/5/18
"Just because it has length doesn't mean it's always good" - 4/9/18
"Darius... You can't use the word "dookie" in an article..." - 4/27/18
"Isn't Justin the Fiend?" - 5/2/18
"I'm not calling him Monkey... Monkers maybe, Fiend yes, but not Monkey." - 5/2/18
"Ohh what a dark time in my life that was..." - 5/2/18