Speaker Hacking 2015

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This story relates to the hacking of Amy Kuehl's in-ceiling speakers.


Early in the 2015-2016 school year, English Teacher Amy Kuehl was also the Girl's Cross Country coach. 

During one practice she had to step in for Jacob Feiring as he was out on medical leave. She was in charge of watching over the whole team, boys and girls alike for the afternoon as they went out on their long runs.

Some of the male athletes had brought a DKNight wireless Bluetooth speaker to play music on their run that day and were playing the song "Electronic Supersonic" when Kuehl approached them to ask what in God's name was currently playing. 

The athletes gave her the title at which point another one of the athletes claimed he was going to "Run in [her] class playing Electronic Supersonic one of these days". 

Kuehl said that she would have to start locking her door then, at which point the student said: "well, I'll just have to hack your speakers then."

Kuehl responded saying "You can't just hack my classroom [student]."

At this point, the student responded with "Is that a challenge" to which Kuehl accepted, claiming it "wasn't possible". 

The student would later acquire access to Kuehls PC during a moment in which she was out of the room during lunch, and an Optimists Club meeting was taking place. 

A Bluetooth audio receiver was placed using a free USB port and an AUX splitter to allow the pc to continue playing audio while also allowing output from the Bluetooth receiver. 

Several incidents would occur as several students would come to have access to the Bluetooth receiver, including Sam Kane, Patrick Hanlon, and Joey Babcock.

Most notably was, of course, the playing of the aforementioned Electronic Supersonic during an English presentation.