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TheSage Logo made into a PNG by Joey Babcock

The Sage News is the student run publication affiliated with Sage Creek High School.

It is currently in its third publication cycle, and its current Editor in Chiefs are Madison Young and Kylie Valency.


The Sage covers a variety of topics and has been running since 2016. It is currently located in the 2000 building, on the 3rd floor in room 2304.


TheSage was founded in the 2016-2017 School year, via a merger of the SCHS Bobcast(multimedia/broadcasting club) and Sage Creek Times (news/journalism club).

Amy Kuehl stayed on as the advisor after previously advising both separate clubs.

The iconic Theme Song is "Beach Buggy Ride"[1] by Elexive.

This was the theme for almost 2 years, until it was replaced by a MegaTrax song.


The current 2018-2019 advisor is Amy Kuehl.

Editorial Staff