LaptopGate 2015

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LaptopGate 2015 pertains to the destruction of Class of 2018 member Joey Babcock's laptop.


So I ran the Automatic Timing System for Track and Field for the 4 years in which I attended Sage Creek and in late 2015 I was timing a meet but had to run in a race(The mile/1600m) as well. 
My Physics teacher James Fieberg stepped in for me to time the mile while I ran it as he was a runner and knew enough about track to run it for a race.
This story specifically pertains to the spilling of a cup of water onto my laptop. 
As I was racing the third lap, I noticed that the scoreboard was glitching out a bit, and after my race I went to investigate. Sure enough most of the screen had lines running through it and the laptop was not functioning correctly. I then noticed that Mr. Fieberg had mysteriously disappeared. He had a cup of water that he had brought with him and set on the laptop while I was racing, and while the cause of the spill is unknown, the damage to the ram as the fan sucked the water into the computer ended up causing me to just scrap the laptop and salvage the hard drive to move all the track data onto a new one.