Senior Assassins Startup Story

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In the spring of 2017, Joey Babcock set out to begin prepping for Senior Assassins in order to make up for the previous class's failures:

This story was written on February 18th, 2018.


I began by making a twitter bot, which would be able to parse and respond to tweets sent at it. Not much progress was made over the months that followed until around September of the following year. 
I decided to start working on it again and began writing the Rule Document and added the * subdomain. I originally got a few of the rules from other schools by googling their rules, but ultimately ended up writing the ~4000 word document myself. After that I decided that a visual representation of the currrent standings would be cool so I set out writing the Dashboard. 
The dashboard itself is written in 5 main languages. HTML, Javascript, PHP, CSS, and SQL are all used for different functions within the dashboard, as well as JSON, XML, and a few other languages that were more for data exchange. 
The twitter bot and instagram, account were registered about a year apart, with the twitter bot being registered much earlier. After being sure that I could handle registration and storing the group data, I started sending out a google form, but ultimately ended up manually signing up the bulk of the class. I left registration open for almost 3 weeks, during which I met with administration in order to discuss how we could go about playing this game without getting into trouble. Ultimately they decided that they would allow it without intervention so long as I could keep it off campus and no campus resources were used for it. This made it difficult to hold the initial meeting as I had to stand on the concrete bench north of the 2000 building and shout to people in order to answer questions. 
I decided on the 5$ entry fee in hopes that I could get around 200 people to sign up and make the pot $1000. I was successful and afterwords got feedback from people saying they would rather have had the entry fee be $10 a person or $20 a group so that the final pot could be $2000. After that, Senior assassins went live on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017.