Robert Nanz

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Robert Nanz was a Physics and Principles of High School Science Teacher.

He taught in room 1304.

He taught only in the 2014-2015 school year, during the third trimester.

Class Memes

He was known for doing the bare minimum in class, basically just presenting slides he found on the internet and then having the rest of the class be essentially a free period.


Towards the end of the year, Joey Babcock asked him if the class could get a "class set of slinkies" as a joke. Within the week he showed up to his class with an actual class set of slinkies to "demonstrate waves".

"It got real hot real fast"

Noah McNair was responsible for this quote after hooking two of the battery packs used for an electricity lab end to end. It melted the wires and he called Mr. Nanz over, saying "Sorry mr. Nanz, It got real hot real fast..." when asked about the melted table.